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Part 1. Situation and Extent. Face of the Country. Climate and Soil. Population.
Part 2. Government and Administration. Law and Administration of Justice.
Part 3. Religion. Education. Charitable Institutions.

Part 4. Finance. Army and Navy.

Part 5. Roads. Railways. Navigable Rivers and Canals. Harbours. Agriculture.
Part 6. Manufactures, Mines and Quarries. Commerce and Banking. Colonies.
Part 7. Bibliography. TO BE ADDED


Part 8. French History: Introduction. Gaul. Romans. Franks. Charlemagne. Carolingian Period.
Part 9. The Feudal Monarchy: (a) Capetian Period
Part 10. The Feudal Monarchy: (b) The Early Valois Kings Hundred Years War (1337-1453)
Part 11. The Feudal Monarchy: (c) Italian Wars. Civil Wars. St Bartholemew's Day Massacre. Edict of Nantes (1598).
Part 12. The Bourbon Monarchy: (a) Richelieu
Part 13. The Bourbon Monarchy: (b) Louis XIV
Part 14. The Bourbon Monarchy: (c) Colonial Struggles and the Dawn of Revolution
Part 15. The French Revolution (1789)
Part 16. The Republic (1792)
Part 17. The Empire (1804)
Part 18. The Restoration (1815)
Part 19. The Second Revolution (1848)
Part 20. The Second Empire (1852)
Part 21. The Third Republic (1870)


Part 22. French Language - Geography
Part 23. French Language - External History: Political; Literary

Part 24. French Language - Internal History: Vocabulary; Dialects; Phonology; Orthography; Inflexions; Derivation; Syntax; Summary

Part 25. French Language - Bibliography


Early, Mediaeval, Renaissance (also Provençal)
Part 26. Origins of French Literature
Part 27. Chansons de Gestes
Part 28. Arthurian Romance
Part 29. Romances of Antiquity
Part 30. Romans d'Aventures
Part 31. Fabliaux
Part 32. Roman du Renart
Part 33. Early Lyric Poetry
Part 34. Satiric and Didactic Works
Part 35. Roman de la Rose

Part 36. Early Drama

Part 37. Early Prose History
Part 38. Provençal Literature
Part 39. French Literature - 15th Century
16th Century
Part 40. French Literature - 16th Century
Part 41. 16th Century Poetry
Part 42. 16th Century Drama
Part 43. 16th Century Prose Fiction
Part 44. 16th Century Historians
Part 45. 16th Century Theologians
Part 46. 16th Century Moralists and Political Writers
Part 47. 16th Century Savants
17th Century
Part 48. 17th Century Poetry
Part 49. 17th Century Drama
Part 50. 17th Century Fiction
Part 51. 17th Century Prose
Part 52. 17th Century History (Historical Writings)
Part 53. 17th Century Philosophers and Theologians
Part 54. 17th Century Preachers
Part 55. 17th Century Moralists
Part 56. 17th Century Savants
18th Century
Part 57. Opening of the 18th Century
Part 58. 18th Century Poetry
Part 59. 18th Century Drama
Part 60. 18th Century Fiction
Part 61.
18th Century History (18th Century Historical Writing)
Part 62.
18th Century Philosophy
Part 63. 18th Century Theology
Part 64. 18th Century Moralists and Politicians
Part 65. 18th Century Criticism and Periodical Literature
Part 66. 18th Century Savants
1789-Late 19th Century
Part 67. French Literature, 1789-1830: General Sketch
Part 68. French Literature since 1830
Part 69. The Romantic Movement
Part 70. Drama and Poetry since 1830
Part 71. Prose Fiction since 1830
Part 72. Periodical Literature since 1830. Criticism.

Part 73. History (Historical Writing) since 1830

Summary, Conclusion, Bibliography
Part 74. Summary and Conclusion
Part 75. Bibliography


Part 76. Table of the Rulers of France from 481 to 1879 A.D. CONTENT TO BE ADDED

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