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Part 1. Introduction to Geography

Part 2. Progress of Geographical Discovery. The Phoenicians. Carthage.
Part 3. Alexander the Great. The Ptolemies of Egypt.
Part 4. The Romans. Attempts at Systematizing Geographical Information.
Part 5. Eratosthenes. Posidonius. Hipparchus.
Part 6. Ptolemy. Strabo. Pliny. Cosmas.
Part 7. Mahometan (Mohammedan) Travellers. Mongol Tables.
Part 8. The Northmen (Norse Travellers). Early Knowledge of America.
Part 9. The Crusades. Franciscan Missionaries.
Part 10. Marco Polo. Minor Travellers of 12th Century.
Part 11. Ibn Batuta.
Part 12. Italian Travellers of 15th Century. Mariner's Compass.
Part 13. Prince Henry the Navigator.
Part 14. Christopher Columbus. Discovery of America.
Part 15. Vasco da Gama. Eastern Trade.
Part 16. The Astrolabe.
Part 17. Spanish Enterprise. Amerigo Vespucci. Objeda. Balboa.
Part 18. Ferdinand Magellan.
Part 19. Exploration of Africa. Portuguese in the East.
Part 20. English Enterprise. John and Sebastian Cabot. Willoughby. Chancellor.

Part 21. French Enterprise. Jacques Cartier.
Part 22. Age of Elizabeth. Richard Hakluyt. Samuel Purchas.
Part 23. English Maritime Adventurers. Northwest Passage. Frobisher. Davis. Hudson. Baffin.
Part 24. Dutch Exploration. Barents.
Part 25. English Circumnavigators. Sir Francis Drake. Thomas Cavendish. Sir Richard Hawkins.
Part 26. Spanish Exploration (Orellana; Mendana; Sarmiento; Quiros; Torres). Portuguese Explorers.
Part 27. East India Company. English in Other Eastern Countries (eg Persia).
Part 28. Dutch Enterprise. Cape Horn Rounded. Exploration of Australia.
Part 29. French Enterprise. Samuel de Champlain.
Part 30. Halley. Progress of Navigation. Cross-Staff. Finding Longitude. Variation of the Compass.

Part 31. Board of Longitude. Nautical Almanac. Sextant.
Part 32. Survey of China. Missions to Tibet. Van de Putte. Persia. India.
Part 33. Exploration of Arabia: Carsten Niebuhr. Exploration of Africa: James Bruce.
Part 34. African Association. Mungo Park. Francisco de Lacerda.
Part 35. Arc of Meridian Measured. Buccaneers. Polynesian Exploration.
Part 36. James Cook.
Part 37. La Pérouse. William Bligh. Australian Colonisation. Matthew Flinders.
Part 38. George Vancouver. Hudson's Bay Company. Polar Exploration.
Part 39. Russian Explorations in Siberia.
Part 40. Collections of Voyages. Surveys. Classes of Maps.
Part 41. 19th Century Exploration. Work in India. Africa. South America. Humboldt.
Part 42. Arctic Discovery. Sir William Edward Parry. Sir John Ross. Sir John Franklin.
Part 43. Exploration of the Pacific in early 19th Century.
Part 44. Royal Geographical Society. 19th Century Exploration of Asia, Himalayan Peaks and Central Asia.
Part 45. 19th Century Exploration of Africa. Sir Richard Burton. John Hanning Speke.
Part 46. David Livingstone. Verney Lovett Cameron. Henry Morton Stanley.
Part 47. American Surveys. 19th Century Exploration of South America, Australia and the Pacific.
Part 48. Arctic and Antarctic Work. Sir James Clark Ross.
Part 49. Sir John Franklin.
Part 50. Arctic Exploration (cont.). Spitzbergen Explored. Austrian Expedition.
Part 51. English Arctic Expedition. Nares. Markham. Dutch Arctic Work. Swedish Arctic Expedition.
Part 52. Physical Geography of the Sea.

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(This section to be added)

The section "Historical Geography" of the above article was written by Sir Clements Robert Markham, K.C.B., F.R.S.; President of the Royal Geographical Society, of the International Geographical Congress, 1894-99, of the Hakluyt Society, and of the Geographical, Elizabethan, and Royal Society Clubs; served in the Arctic Expedition, 1850-51; Geographer to the Abyssinian Expedition; Assistant Secretary in the India Office, 1867-77; author of Life of the Great Lord Fairfax, The Fighting Veres, History of Peru, History of Persia, History of the Abyssinian Expedition, etc.

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