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Part 1. Historical Introduction to Hydromechanics.

Part 2. Introduction.
Part 3. Part I. Hydrostatics.

Part 4. Part II. Hydrodynamics.

Part 5. Part III. Hydraulics.
Part 6. Section I: The Data of Hydraulics.
Part 7. Section II: Kinematics of Fluids.
Part 8. Section III: Phenomena of the Discharge of Liquids from Orifices as ascertainable by Experiments.
Part 9. Section IV: The Theory of the Steady Motion of Fluids.
Part 10. Section V: Theory of the Discharge from Orifices and Mouthpieces.
Part 11. Section VI: Friction of Fluids.
Part 12. Section VII: Steady Flow of Water in Pipes of Uniform Section.
Part 13. Section VIII. Flow of Compressible Fluids in Pipes.

Part 14. Section IX: Flow in Rivers and Canals.
Part 15. Section X: On Streams and Rivers.
Part 16. Section XI: Impact and Reaction of Water.
Part 17. Section XII: Hydraulic Machinery.

The above article was written by two authors:

Prof. A. G. Greenhill, Royal Artillery Institution, Woolich


Prof. W. C. Unwin, F.R.S, Royal Indian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill, Staines.

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