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Part 1. Origins of the Hebrews. Egypt. Exodus. Amorites. Unification of the Tribes. Moses. Torah. Decalogue.
Part 2. Joshua and Judges. Simeon and Levi. Canaanites. Dan. Reuben. Gideon. Gilead. Baal.
Part 3. Philistines. Saul. Samuel. David. Solomon.

Part 4. Revolt of the Ten Tribes. Samaria. Damascus. Elijah. Elisha. Jehu.

Part 5. Old Israel's Literature, Social Life, Agriculture, Trade, Government, Law and Religion.
Part 6. Amos. Assyrians. Hosea. Fall of Samaria.
Part 7. Kingdom of Judah. Isaiah. Alliance against Assyria. Sennacharib.
Part 8. Isaiah (cont.). Manasseh. Scythians. Jeremiah. Deuteronomy.
Part 9. Jeremiah. Nebuchadnezzar. Deportation to Babylon.
Part 10. Jews in Exile. Edict of Cyrus. Haggai, Zechariah. Ezra, Ezekiel. Nehemiah. New law book on priestly rule.
Part 11. The Ptolemies. Jewish Dispersion. Seleucidae. Hellenism.
Part 12. Hasmonaeans. Judas Maccabaeus. Lysias. War for Religious Supremacy. Jonathan.
Part 13. Simon. Hyrcanus. Alexander Jannaeus. Pharisees and Sadducees. Salome. Insurrection of Sadducees. Antipater. Pompey.

Part 14. Roman Intervention. Gabinus. Herod. Archelaus.

Part 15. Sadducees. Zealots. Agrippa I. Jewish Rebellion (Jewish War). Titus. Masada.
Part 16. Survival of Jewish Religion, Laws, Culture after AD73 - Palestine, Bayblyon, etc.
Part 17. The Jewish Diaspora during the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, etc.
Part 18. Historical Sources.

The above article was written by: Prof. Julius Wellhausen, Professor of Oriental Languages, University of Halle.

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