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Martin Luther
German Protestant theologian

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"Martin Luther" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. Martin Luther - First Period (1483-1517)
Early Life of Luther • The Wittenberg Theses

Part 2. Martin Luther - Second Period (1517-1524)
Luther's Preaching • At Augsburg before the Legate • Leipzig Disputation • Luther Excommunicated • He Burns the Pope's Bull • Before the Emperor at Worms • At the Wartburg • Back at Wittenberg • Luther and the Diet at Nuremberg • Luther's Writings during this Period

Part 3. Martin Luther - Third Period (1525-1546)
Revolt under Sickengen • Anabaptist Tumults • Peasants' War * Luther's Marriage • Progress of the Reformation • Diet of Spires, 1526 • Diet of Spires, 1529 • The Protest and Protestantism • Luther and Zwingli on the Eucharist • Marburg Conference • Diet of Augsburg and the Augsburg Confession • Smalkald League • Work of Luther's Later Years

Part 4. Martin Luther - Further Reading
Collected Editions • Letters • Conversations • Biographies • The Times of Luther

The above article was written by Rev. Thomas M. Lindsay, D.D., Principal and formerly Professor of Divinity and Church History, United Free Church, Glasgow; translated Ueberweg's System of Logic; author of The Reformation, and of commentaries on Acts of the Apostles and St Luke's Gospel.

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