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Part 1. Paris - Site. Climate. Boundaries.
Part 2. Boulevards, Streets, and Squares.
Part 3. The River Seine.

Part 4. Promenades and Parks.

Part 5. Public Buildings, Palaces, etc.
Part 6. Churches.
Part 7. Theatres.
Part 8. Arrondissements. Population and Vital Statistics. Municipal Administration.
Part 9. Revenue and Expenditure.
Part 10. Streets. Means of Conveyance (Transport).
Part 11. Water Supply. Drainage. Lighting.
Part 12. Public Instruction (Education).
Part 13. Learned Societies. Newspapers. Museums.

Part 14. Public Charity, Hospitals, etc.

Part 15. Law and Justice.
Part 16. Cemeteries. Fire Brigade. Military Organisation. Food Supply.
Part 17. Industries and Commerce.
Part 18. Post Office and Telegraphs.
Part 19. History - Ancient Paris.
Part 20. History - Mediaeval Paris.
Part 21. History - Early Modern Paris.
Part 22. History - Paris in the French Revolution.
Part 23. History - Paris in the 19th Century.

Part 24. Bibliography.

The above article was written by the following authors:

[Parts 1-18]
Anthyme St. Paul; author of Histoire monumentale de la France; edited Annuaire de l'Archéologue Français, from 1877.

[Parts 19-23]
Gaston Meissas; member of Société de Géographie; author of Grands Voyageurs de Notre Siècle, etc.

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