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(Bubonic Plague; Black Death; etc.)
(Part 15)

Further Reading on Plague

See the following works, besides those already quoted [Footnote 168-3]:-- Kamintus, Regim en contra epidimiam sive pestem, 4to, cirva 1494 (many editions); Jacobus Soldus, Opus insigne de Peste, 4to, Bologna, 1478; Alex. Benedictus. De Observatione in Pestilentia, 4to, Ven., 1493; Nicolaus, Massa, De Febre Pestilentia, 4to, Ven., 1556, &c.; [Floravanti, Regimento della Peste, 8vo, Ven., 1565]; John Woodall, The Surgeon’s Mate, folio, London, 1639; Van Helmont, Tumulus Pestis, 8vo, Cologne, 1644, &c.; [Muratori, Traittato del Governo della Peste, Modena, 1714]; John Howard, An Account of Lazarettoes in Europe, &c., 4to, London, 1789 ; Patrick Russell, A Treatise of the Plague, 4to. London, 1791; Thomas Hancock, Researches into the Laws of Pestilence, 8vo, London, 1821; [Foderé, Leçons sur les Epidémies, &., 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1822–24] ; [Ségur Dupeyron, Recherches Historiques, &c., sur la Peste, 1837] ; Bulard, La Peste Orientale, 8vo, Paris, 1839 ; Griesinger, Die Infectionskrankheiten, 2nd ed., 8vo, Erlangen, 1864. (J. F. P.)


168-3 Those in square brackets [ ] have not been seen by the writer.

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