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(Bubonic Plague; Black Death; etc.)

"Plague" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. Plague - Introduction.
Part 2. Plague - Symptoms.
Part 3. Plague - Duration. Mortality. Morbid Anatomy. Pathology of Plague.
Part 4. External Conditions of the Plague. Sanitary Conditions and Plague.
Part 5. Origin and Spread of Plague: (1) Endemic vs Non-Endemic. Miasmatic Disease. Contagion.
Part 6. Origin and Spread of Plague: (2) Contagious Transmission via Clothing, Merchandise. Quarantine. Periodicity.
Part 7. Plague - Incubation. Treatment. Prevention. Prevention of the Spread of Plague.
Part 8. History of the Plague.
Part 9. The Great Plague of London, 1664-65.
Part 10. Plague in the 18th Century. Plague in Sicily in 1743.
Part 11. Spread of Plague from the East.
Part 12. Plague in the 19th Century: (1) 1800-45.
Part 13. Plague in the 19th Century: (2) 1853-84.
Part 14. Plague in India. Plague in China. Present Locations of Plague (1884).
Part 15. Further Reading on Plague.

The above article was written by: Joseph Frank Payne, M.D., F.R.C.P.; Consulting Physician to St Thomas's Hospital; Member of the General Medical Council; Member of the Senate of the University of London; Harveian Librarian, Royal College of Physicians; author of Manual of General Pathology and Observations on Rare Diseases of the Skin.

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