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Part 1. Learning to Swim
Part 2. Learning to Swim (cont)
Part 3. Back Stroke
Part 4. Racing Strokes
Part 5. Treading Water
Part 6. Side Stroke
Part 7. Overarm Stroke
Part 8. Touching and Turning. Ocean Swimming.
Part 9. Plunging
Part 10. Diving. Object Diving.
Part 11. Plate Swimming
Part 12. Swimming and Diving Records
Part 13. Swimming Associations. Books on Swimming and Diving

The above article was written by:

Henry Spenser Wilkinson, M.A.; on staff of the Morning Post; author of Citizen Soldiers, Essays on the War Game, Exercises in Strategy and Tactics (from the German), The Great Alternative, a Plea for a National Policy, The Command of the Sea, The Brain of Navy, British Policy in South Africa, Lessons of the War, and War and Policy.


William Wilson; of the Victoria Baths, Glasgow; author of Swimming, Diving, and How to Save Life and The Swimming Instructor.

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Recommended Resources

Fitness Swimming
by Emmett Hines

This book provides step-by-step instruction for building a more effective, efficient freestyle stroke...explains how to set up a complete swimming fitness or training plan...includes sample training plans for conditioning or competition.

Enthusiastic reader reviews about this book:

"This book is amazing. I am a novice swimmer who falls at the very beginning of Hines' workout zones. I read the first half of the book in an hour, copied one of his FIRST workouts onto a sheet of paper, stuck it into a plastic sheet protector and headed off to the pool. My freestyle was a mess. I couldn't swim more than three lengths without my arms burning, my legs turning to rubber, etc. Now, i have shaved 4 strokes off one length and can get to the other side without feeling like I'm on my death throes. I never thought fitness books worked until I read this book. I'm a slightly overweight, slightly out of shape person who has never really been athletic and just quit smoking. But now, I go to the pool almost every day (after all, I'm only 20!!) and I can't WAIT to start out a new workout in Hines' book. I feel more confident, more in shape and more athletic."
-- Nicholas Pierce

"This book has been extrodinarily helpful to me. I am a former beach lifeguard and thought that my freestyle was pretty good until I read the author's extremely clear, detailed descriptions of how it feels to swim correctly. I now realize that I what I used to do was really akin to stabbing through the water, rather than gliding over it as I do now. I've been using the drills and workouts in the book for only about 2 months and already I've brought my stroke count (on 25 meters) from 22 when I started to 10-11 now. I expect that this improvement will continue as I progress farther into the drill sequence. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to swim for fun, fitness, or competition, regardless of their current ability. Swimming is one of those sports where one's technique can always be improved further."

-- James Wallace

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