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Surnames: BRU-BUT

BRUCE, Alexander. M.A., M.D., F.R.S.E.; Lecturer on Practice of Medicine, Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh; assistant physician, Royal Infirmary; author of illustrations of Mid and Hind Brain,’ ‘Topographical Atlas of Spinal Cord.’

BRUNTON, Sir Thomas Lauder, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S.; physician to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London; author of ‘The Bible and Science,’ ‘Text-Book of Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Materia Medica,’ etc.

BRYAN, George Hartley. Se.D., F.R.S.; Pro-fessor of Pure and Applied Mathematics in the University College of North Wales; Fellow of Peter-house College, Cambridge, 1889-95; gold medal Inst. Naval Architects, 1901.

BRYANT, Hon. Edgar E., LL.D.; Justice of the Circuit Court. of Arkansas, 1890-97 ; author of ‘Speeches and Addresses,’ etc.

BRYCE, Rev. George; one of the founders of Manitoba University ; Inspector of Schools; author of ‘Manitoba,’ ‘Canada and the North-West,’ ‘A Short History of the Canadian People.’

BRYCE, The Rt. Hon. James, M.P., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Regius Professor of Civil Law at Oxford, 1870; Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1886 ; Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, 1892; President of Board of Trade, 1894; Chairman of Royal Commission on Secondary Education, 1804; corresponding member of Institute of France, 1891 ; corresponding member of Società Romana di Storia Patria, 1885; honorary Fellow of Trinity and Oriel Colleges, Oxford ; President of the Alpine Club; author of ‘The Holy Roman Empire,’ ‘The Trade Marks Registration Act,’ ‘Transcaucasia and Ararat,’ ‘The American Commonwealth,’ ‘Impressions of South Africa,’ etc.

BRYDON, J. M.; architect; designed various Government Offices, Chelsea Town Hall and Poly-technic, Bath Municipal Buildings, etc.

BUCHAN, Alexander, M.A., LL.D-, F.R.S.; Secretary of Scottish Meteorological Society from 1860 ; Curator of Library and Museum Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1878 ; author of works on meteorology.

BUCHANAN., John Young, M.A., F.R.S.;chemist and physicist of the ‘Challenger’

Expedition; later, Lecturer in Geography, University ofCambridge.

BUCHHEIM, Charles Adolphus Ph.D., M.A.; Professor of German Literature, king’s College, London; sometime Examiner to London University; 1062 author of ‘The Political Course of the Reformation, ; compiled ‘Deutsche Lyrik,’ ‘Balladen und Romanzen’; editor of German Classics for the Clarendon Press.

BUCKLEY, Arabella Burton (mrs Fisher); author of ‘A Short History of Natural Science,’ ‘Life and her Children,’ ‘The Fairyland of Science,’ etc.

BUCKLEY, Rev. James Monroel D.D., LL.D.; editor of ‘The Christian Advocate,’ New York author of ‘Travels in three Continents,’ ‘Faith Healing,’ ‘Christian Science and Kindred Phenomena,’’ Supposed Miracles,’ etc.

BUCKMASTER, John Charles; formerly of the Art Division, South Kensington ; author of ‘Cookery: Lectures delivered in the Cookery School,’ and of scientific text-books.

BUNBURY, Sir Edward Herbert, Bart., M.A., F.R.G.S. ; Barrister; M.P. for Bury St Edmunds, 1847-52; author of a ‘History of Ancient, Geography among the Greeks and Romans.’

BUNCE, John Thackray. F.S.S. ; editor of ‘Birmingham Daily Post,’ 1862-99 ; Professor of Literature to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists; author of ‘History of the Corporation of Birmingham.’

BUNSEN, Georg von; member of the Prussian Parliament, 1862-79, of North German Reichstag after 1866, and of the German Reichstag.

BURBURY, Samuel Hawksley, M.A., F.R.S.; Barsister ; author of ‘The Mathematical Theory of Electricity,’ ‘A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases.’

BÜRDE, Lieut. Johannes, late of the German army, 51st Infantry Regiment; author of Problems of Applied Tactics, with Solutions,’ ‘Tactical Problems,’ etc.

BURDETT, Sir Henry K C.B. ; founder and editor of the ‘Hospital’; late superintendent of the Queen’s Hospital, Birmingham, and of the Seamen’s "Hospital, Greenwich; author of ‘Burdett’s Official Intelligence of British, American, and Foreign Securities,’ ‘Hospitals and Asylums of the World,’ ‘The Relative Mortality of Large and Small Hospitals,’ ‘Burdett’s Hospitals and Charities, a Year-book of Philanthropy,’ ‘A Practical Scheme for Old Age Pensions,’ ‘Housing of the Poor,’ etc.

BURLINGAME, Edward Livermore. M.A. Ph.D. ; editor of ‘Scribner’s Magazine’ from 1886; on staff of ‘New York Tribune,’ 1871 ; of ‘American Cyclopaedia,’ 1872-76 ; author of ‘Art Life and Theories of Richard Wagner.’

BURN, Rev. A. E., B.D. ; Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Lichfield; author of ‘The Athanasian Creed,’ ‘An Introduction to the Creeds and to the Te Deum,’ etc.

BURNETT, George, LL.D. ; Barrister; late Scottish Lyon King at Arnis; published an edition of the ‘Exchequer Rolls from 1264 to 1507’; author of ‘Popular Genealogists; or the Art of Pedigree-Making,’ ‘Treatise on Heraldry, British and Foreign.’

BURNLEY, James; editor of ‘The Yorkshireman,’ 1875-85 ; author of ‘Romance of Modern Industry. ‘Industries and Resources of America,’ ‘Phases of Bradford Life,’ etc.

BURNSIDE. Rev. Frederick, M.A.; Hon. Canon of St Albans ; Rural Dean of Hertford; hon. Editor of the ‘Official Year-Book of the Church of of the England’ ; compiler of ‘The Official Parochial Register of Church Services,’ etc.

BURNSIDE, William, M.A., F.R.S.; Professor of Mathematics, Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

BURROUGHS, John; author of ‘Wake Robin,’ ‘Signs and Seasons,’ ‘Birds and Poets,’ ‘Fresh Fields,’ ‘Whitman: A Study,’ etc.

BURROWS, Rev. Winfrid Oldfield, M.A. ; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Leeds; Formerly Principal of Leeds Clergy School and Tutor of Church, Oxford.

BURTON, Clarence Monroe. LL.D.; author of ‘Life of Cadillac, founder of Detroit,’ ‘Revisited Landmarks of Detroit,’ etc.

BURTON, William, F.C.S.; author of Cantor Lectures on ‘Material and Design in Pottery,’ etc.

BUTLER, Alfred Joshua, M.A. ; Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford.

BUTLER, Edward Dundas; British Museum; translated ‘Hungarian Poems and Fables for English Readers,’ ‘Handbook of the History of Finnish Literature.’

BUTLER, F. H.; Associates of the Royal School of Mines.

BUTLER, Prof. Nicholas Murray, Ph. D.; President of Columbia University, New York; author of ‘The Meaning of Education, etc.; editor of the ‘Educational Review’ and of the ‘Great Educators’ series.

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