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Surnames: COM-CRE

COMSTOCK, Brig.-Gen. Cyrus Ballou; U.S.A., retired; Board of Engineers for Fortifications, U.S. Army ; chief engineer, Army of the Potomac, 1862-63 ; President of the Mississippi River Commission ; author of ‘Primary Triangulation of the U.S. Lake Survey.’

CONATY, Right Rev. Bishop Thomas James, S. T. D., J. C. D. ; titular Bishop of Samos ; Rector of the Catholic University of America.

CONDER, Col. Claude Reignier, R.E., LL.D.; in command of Survey of Palestine, 1872-78 ; 1881-82 served in Egypt, 1882 ; in Bechuanaland, 1884 on Transvaal Border Commission on Headquarters Ordnance Survey, 1887-94 ; author of ‘Tent Work in Palestine,’ ‘Altaic Hieroglyphics,’ ‘The Hittites and their Language.’

CONNELL Rev.-Archibald Browning, M.A., D.D. ; Emeritus Minister of Lochie West United Free Church, Dundee.


CONWAY, Dr Moncure Daniel ; Unitarian Minister at Washington and Cincinnti preached against slavery; edited the ‘Boston Commonwealth’ ; correspondent for the ‘New York World’ in the Franco-Prussian War; author of Tracts for To-day,’ ‘The Wandering Jew,’ ‘Life of Thomas Paine.’

CONWAY, Sir William Martin, M.A.; Slade Professor of Fine Arts, Cambridge ; Professor of Art, Univ. Coll., Liverpool, 1885-88; Hon. Sec., Art Con-gress, 1888-90 ; President of the Alpine Club ; author of ‘Dawn of Art in the Ancient World,’ etc., ‘The Alps from End to End,’ ‘The First Crossing of Spits-bergen,’ ‘With Ski and Sledge over Arctic Glaciers,’ ‘The Bolivian Andes,’ etc.

COOK, Theodore Andrea, M.A., F.S.A.; author of ‘Old Touraine,’ ‘Rouen,’ ‘A History of the English Turf’ ; joint-author of ‘Ice-Sports.’

COOLEY, W. B. ; late of the Post Office Department, Washington, U.S.A.

COOLIDGE, Rev. William Augustus Brevoort, M.A., F.R.G.S.; Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Professor of English History, St. David’s College, College, Lampeter, 1880-81 ; joint-author of ‘Guide de Haut Dauphine,’ ‘The Range of the Tödi,’ ‘Guide to Grindelward,’ ‘Guide to Switzerland,’ etc. ; editor of ‘Alpine Journal,’ 1880-89.

COOPER, Charles Alfred, LL.D., F.R.S.E; editor of the ‘Scotsman’ from 1876 ; formerly on s staff of ‘Hull Advertiser’ and ‘Morning Star author of Letters on South Africa,’ ‘An Editor’s Retrospect.’

COOPER, Thompson F.S.A. author of ‘Biograpby of Lord Lytton’; edited a ‘Biographical Dictionary.

COOTE, C. H. ; formerly of Map Department, British Museum.

COPEMAN, Sydney Monckton, M.A., M.D.; Medical Inspector, Local Government Board; Member of the Council, Epidemiological Society ; author of ‘Vaccination : its Natural History and Pathiology,’ ‘Bacteriology of Vaccine Lymph,’ etc.

CORKRAN, Alice; journalist; author od ‘Bessie Lang,’ ‘Margery Merton’s Girlhood,’ ‘Young Philis-tine.’

CORLASS, Reginald Walter; author of ‘R. Pursglove, Bishop of Hull,’ and books on the local history of Yorkshire.

CORNISH, Francis Warre, M.A.; Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge; Vice-Provost of Eton College’ ; author of ‘Life of Oliver Cromwell,’ ‘Sunningwell,’ ‘Chivalry’; contributor to ‘Quarterly Review’ and other journals.

A CORRADINI, Enrico; late editor of ‘La Nazione,’ Florence ; author of ‘La Gioia, ‘Santa Maura,’ etc.

COSENS, F W.; translated ‘Castelvines y Montesses,’ ‘Los Bandos de Verona,’ from the Portuguese.

-COTTON, James Sutherland, M A.; Hon. Secretary of the Egypt Exploration Fund ; late editor of ‘The Academy,’ London ; Fellow and Lecturer of Queen’s Coll., Oxford author of ‘Decennial Report on the Moral and Material Progress of India,’ ‘India,’ ‘Elphinstone’; editor of ‘Paterson’s Practical Statutes,’ ‘The Official Gazetteer of India.

COURTNEY, Rt. Hon. Leonard Henry, P.C., M.A. ; Under-See. of State for Home Dept., 1880-81 ; Colonial Office, 1881-82 ; Chairman of Committees and Deputy-Speaker, 1886-92; author of ‘Working Constitution of the United Kingdom and its Outgrowths.’

COURTNEY, William Prideaux.; formerly Principal Clerk in Pay Office of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners ; part-author of ‘Bibliotheca Cornubiensis’ ; contributed to the Dictionary of National Biography.’

COX, Rev. Sir George William, Bart., M.A.; Bishop of Bloemfontein from 1886; author of ‘Tale of the Great Persian War,’ ‘The Crusades,’ ‘A History of Greece,’ and many other historical works.

COX, General Jacob Dolson, LL.D.; formed Governor of the State of Ohio, 1866-67; U.S. Secre-tary of the Interior, 1869-70 ; Major-General, U.S. Volunteers in the Civil War ; Brigade-Commander under General Sherman in the Atlanta campaign; author of ‘Atlanta: the March to the Sea,’ ‘Battle of Franklin,’ etc.

CRACKANTHORPE, Montague Hughes, K.C., D.C.L. ; formerly member of the General Council of the Bar and Council of Legal Education; late Chairman, Incorporated Council of Law Reporting Honorary Fellow, St John’s Coll., Oxford; Acting Chairman of the International Commission on Criminal Sentences.

CRACROFT, Bernard, M.A., F.R.G.S.; Barrister ; author of ‘Essays, and Political and Miscellaneous,’ ‘Trustee’s Guide’

CRAIES, William Feilden, M.A.; sometime Scholar of New College, Oxford’ Barrisier-at-Law, Inner Temple; editor of ‘Hardcastle on Inpretation of Statutes,’ ‘Archbold’s Criminal Pleading’; Member of the Mansion-house Council on the Dwelling of the Poor’ contributor to legal journals.

CRANE, Walter, A.R.W.S.; first and present President, arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, London; appointed British Commissioner for the Turin International Exhibition of Decorative Art, 1902; Director of Design, Manchester Municipal School of Art, 1893-96; Principal of the Royal College of Art, South Kensington, 1898-99; author and illustrator of ‘Baby’s Opera,’ ‘Flora’s Feast,’ ‘Claims of Decorative Art,’ ‘Spencer’s Faerie Queene,’ ‘Line and Form,’ ‘A Masque of Days,’ etc.

CRAWFORD, Francis Marion; author of ‘Mr Isaacs,’ ‘Saracinesea,’ and other novels; also of Ave Roma Immortalis,’ Life of Pope Leo XII.,’ ‘Constantinople,’ etc.

CREAK, Capt. Ettrick William, R.N., C.R., F.R.S.; olate Superintendent of Compasses, Hydrographic Department, Admirable, London.

CREIGHTON, Charles, M.A., M.D. Aberdeen; author of ‘A History of Epidermic in Britain,’ ‘Jenner and Vaccination,’ etc.

CREIGHTON, Rt. Rev. Mandell, P.C., D.D., D.C.L., Litt. D.; Bishop of London, 1896-1901; sometime Fellow of Merton Coll., Oxford; Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History in Cambridge Univ., 1884-91; Bishop of Peterborough, 1891-96; author of ‘Hisotry of the Papacy during the Reformation,’ and other historical works; former editor of the ‘British Historical Review.’

CREWE, The Right Hon. The Earl of M A., F.S.A.; President of the Literary Fund; Lord-Lieut. of Ireland, 1892-95 ; author of ‘ Stray Verses,’ articles on Ireland, etc.

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