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Surnames: GEI-GOO

GEIKIE, Sir Archibald, D.C.L., D.Sc., LL.D., F. R. S. ; Director Geological Survey of Scotland, 1867 ; first Murchison Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, Edinburgh, 1871-82; Foreign Sec. Royal Society, 1890-94 ; President Geological Society, 1891-92; Presi-dent British Association, 1892; Director-General Geo-logical Survey of United Kingdom, and Director Museurn of Practical Geology, London, 1882-1901; author of ‘The Scenery of Scotland viewed in con-nexion with its Physical Geology,’ ‘Text-book of Geology,’ ‘New Geological Map of Scotland,’ ‘The Ancient Volcanoes of Britain,’ etc.

GELDNER, Karl Friedrich, Ph.D.; Professor at the University of Berlin since 1890; author of ‘Metrik des jüngeren Avesta,’ ‘Vedische Studien.’

GELL, Philip Lyttelton, M A.; Director of British South Africa Company; Chairman of Council, Toyn-bee Hall; author of ‘A Practical Programme of Church Reform,’ ‘University Settlements,’ ‘The Rubber Industry in Rhodesia.’

GIANNINI, Torquato C.; State Advocate, San Marino; author of ‘La Constituzione di San Marino,’ etc.

GIBB, Elias John Wilkinson; translated from the Turkish Sa’d-ud-D_n;s’ Capture of Constantinople,’ Al_ ‘Aziz Efendi’s ‘Story of Jewad,’ and other Turkish works.

GIBBON, Charles; author of ‘The Dead Heart,’ ‘Robin Gray,’ ‘Life of George Combe.’

GIBBONS, His Eminence Cardinal James; Archbishop of Baltimore, U.S. ; author of ‘The Faith of Our Fathers,’ ‘Our Christian Heritage,’ ‘The Am-bassador of Christ.’

GIBBS, George; Consulting Engineer to the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co. ; formerly Mechanical Engineer for the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St Paul R.R. Co.

GIBSON, Alexander, M.A.; Advocate, Edinburgh.

GIBSON, George Alexander, M.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.; Edin.; ‘Physician to Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh ; Lecturer on Medicine in School of Medicine of Royal Colleges; editor of the ‘Edinburgh Med. Journal’ from 1896; Secretary, Royal Coll. of Physicians, Edin., 1884-94; author of ‘Physical Diagnosis’ (part), ‘Cheyne-Stokes Respiration,’ ‘Diseases of the Heart and Aorta’; editor of ‘Text-Book of Medicine,’ 1901.

GIBSON, John; author of ‘Science Gleanings in Many Field,’ ‘Chips from the Earth’s Crust,’ I Great Waterfalls, Cataracts, and Geysers.’

GIFFEN, Sir Robert, K.C.B., F.R.S.; assistant editor of ‘Economist,’ London, 1868-76; Chief of Statistical Department, Board of Trade, 1876-82; Assistant Secretary, Board of Trade, and afterwards Controller-General of Commercial, Labour, and Statistical Departments, 1882-97; President of Statistical Society, 1882-84; author of ‘American Railways as Investments,’ ‘Stock Exchange Secur-ities,’ ‘Essays in Finance,’ ‘The Case against Bi-metallism,’ etc.

GILBERT, Grove Karl, A.M.; Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey; author of ‘Geology of the Henry Mountains,’ ‘Lake Bonneville,’ etc.

GILES, Peter, M.A. ; Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and University Reader in Comparative Philology; late Secretary of the Cambridge Philological Society; author of ‘A Short Manual of Comparative Philology,’ etc.

GILL, Sir David, LL.D., F.R.S., K.C.B., F.R.A.S.; H.M. Astronomer at Cape of Good Hope;

served on Geodetic Survey of Egypt, and on the expedition to Ascension Island to determine the Solar Parallax by observations of Mars ; directed Geodetic Survey of Natal, Cape Colony, and Rhodesia; author of ‘Geo-detic Survey of South Africa,’ ‘Catalogue of Star for the Equinoxes, 1850, 1860, etc.,’ and of papers in the Memoirs in the Royal Astronimical Society.

GILLESPIE, A. L., F.R.S.E; author of ‘Natural History of Edinburgh,’ ‘Manual of Modern Gastric Methods,’ etc.

GILLMORE, Major-General Quincy Adam, Ph.D.; served in Civil War on Union side; President of Mississippi River Improvement Commission; author of ‘Siege and Reduction of Port Palaski, Georgia,’ ‘Limes, Hydraulic Cements and Mortars.’

GILMAN, Daniel Coit, LL.D.; President of the Carnegie Inst., Washington ; President of Johns

Hopkins University, 1876-1901 ; author of ‘Life of James Monroe,’ ‘University Problems,’ etc.

GILRAY, Thomas, M.A.; formerly Professor of Modern History and English Literature, Univ. Coll., Dundee.

GINSBURG , Benedict William, M.A., LLD.; Secretary ot the Royal Statistical Society of Great Britain; author of ‘Legal Duties of Ship Masters,’ etc.

GINSBURG, Rev. Christian David LL.D.; one of the Old Testament Revisers ; author of ‘Commentaries on the Song of Songs,’ ‘Ecclesiastes,’Critical Text to the Hebrew Bible,’ ‘The Kabbalah: its Doctrine, Development, and Literature’; contributed articles to Kitto’s ‘Encyclopaedia of Biblical Literature,’ and Smith’s ‘Dictionary of Christian Biography and Antiquities.’

GIRDLESTONE, Rev. Robert Baker, M.A; editorial superintendent of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1866-77; Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 1877-79 ; author of ‘The Anatomy of Scepticism,’ ‘How to Study the English Bible.’

GISBORNE, William; author of ‘New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen,’ ‘The Colony of New Zealand.’

GLAISHER, James, F.R.S.,.F.R.A.S.; author of ‘Travels in the Air.’

GLAISHER, James Whitbread Lee, M.A., Sc. D., F. R. S.; Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge; Ex--President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the London Mathematical Society; editor of the ‘Messenger of Mathematics,’ and of the ‘Quarterly Journal of Pure Applied Mathematics.’

GLEICHEN, Count. Albert Edward Wilfred, C.M.G.. C.V.O., D.S.O.; Major. Grenadier Guards; Director of Intellgence and Civil Service, Sudan Provinces; Nile Expedition, 1884-85; Intelligence Department, War Office, 1884-88; Mission to Abyssinia, 1897: D.A.A.G. in Intelligence Division, War Office, 1898-99; served in S. Africa, 1899-1900 author of ‘With the Camel Corps up the Nile,’ ‘With the Mission to Menelik.’

GLOVER, Arnold, M.A., LL.B.

GLOVER, James Grey, M.D., L.R.C.S.; Direct Representative of the Profession in the Genera Medical Council; Member of Council of the Metropolitan Hospital Sunday Fund; contributor to

the ‘Lancet’ and the ‘Practitioner.’

GOADBY, Edwin, York.

GODFRAY, Hugh, M.A.; sometime Fellow of St. John’s Coll., Cambridge; author of ‘An Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory,’ ‘A Treatise on Astronomy.’

GODKIN, Edwin Lawrence, A.M., D.C.L.; war correspondent for the ‘Daily News’ in the Crimean Campaign and the American Civil War; edited the ‘Nation,’ New York, 1865-99 ; author of ‘History of Hungary,’ ‘Unforeseen Tendencies of Democracy,’ ‘The Problems of Municipal Government.’

GOEBEL, Karl E. ; Professor of Botany, University of Munich.

GOEJE, M. J. de, Ph.D.; Professor of Arabic Language and Literature University of Leyden; edited. with glossary and trans. ‘Jakubi,’ ‘Beladhori,’ and other Arabic texts ; author of several articles in ‘Memoires d’Histoire and de Géographie Orientales’ ; continued Catalogue of Oriental MSS.. begun by Dozy.

GOLDSMID, Major- General Sir Frederick J., K.C.S.I., C.B. ; Chief Director or Government

Indo-European Telegraph, 1865-70; Boundary commissioner in Persia, 1870-73; British Controller of Daira Sanieh, Egypt, 1880-83; author of Telegraph and Travel,’ ‘James Outram, Biography,’ ‘Eastern Persia.’

GOODALL, J.; Dulwich.

GOODCHILD, J. G. ; Curator of the Geological Survey Collections, Edinburgh.

GOODE, G. Brown; United States Fish Commissioner in 1887; Assistant-Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and Director of the National Museum in 1888; author of ‘Game Fishes of the United States,’ ‘Natural History of the Bermudas,’ ‘Oceanic Inchthyology.’

GOODRICH, Edwin Stephen, M.A.; Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and Aldrichian Demonstrator of Anatomy, University Museum, Oxford.

GOODRICH, J. E., D.D.; Prof. of Latin, Uni-versity of Vermont.

GOODWIN, Juliet H. ; Newport, Rhode Island.

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