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Surnames: KER-LAN

KERNEY, Michael; London.

KERR, Washington Carruthers, Ph.D., LL.D.; State Geologist of North Carolina, 1864; Chief of Southern Div. of U.S. Geological Survey, 1882; author of ‘Report of the Geological Survey of N. Carolina,’ ‘Map of N. Carolina,’ ‘Minerals and Mineral Localities of N.Carolina.’

KESSLER, Konrad, Ph.D.; Professor of Semitic Languages, Univ. of Greifswald.

KEYNES, John Neville, M.A., D.Sc.; University Lecturer in Moral Science, Cambridge, 1884; author of ‘Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic,’ ‘Scope and Method of Political Economy.’

KHNOPFF, Fernand; Chevalier de l’Ordre de Léopold, de St Michel e Baviére; Vice-Prés. du Cercle Artistique et Littéraire de Bruxelles, etc.

KIDD, Benjamin; formerly of Inland Revenue Department; author of ‘Social Evolution’ ‘The Con-trol of the Tropics,’ ‘Principles of Western Civilization.’

KING, Major C. C., Royal Marines; Instructor in Tactics, Royal Military Coll., Sandhurst, from 1872; author of ‘George Washington,’ ‘The British Army and Auxiliary Forces,’ ‘The Story of the British Army.’

KING, Richard John ; author of Murray’s Hand-books for several English counties, ‘Handbook to the Cathedrals of England.’

KIRBY, William Forsell ; Fellow of the Entomological Soc. ; Assistant in the Zoological Dept. of the British Museum; author of ‘A Manual of European Butterilies,’ ‘Elementary Text-Book of Entomology,’ etc.

KIRK, Edward C., D.D.S.; Dean of the Department of Dentistry, and Professor of Clinical Dentistry University of Pennsylvania ; editor of ‘The American Text-book of Operative Dentistry,’ and of ‘The Dental Cosmos’ magazine.

KIRKUP, Thomas, M.A.; author of ‘An Inquiry into Socialism.’

KITCHIN, The Very Rev. George William, D.D.; Dean of Durham and Warden of the university from 1894; Censor and Tutor of Christ Church coll., Oxford, 1861; Lecturer in History, 1882; Dean of Winchester, 1883 ; author of an edition of the ‘Novum Organum’ of Bacon, a translation of Brachet's ‘Historical Grammar of the French Language,’ ‘History of France.’ etc.

KJELLMAN, Franz Reinh. ; Professor of Botany, Univ. of Upsala ; Director of the Botanical Gardens, Upsala.

KNIGHT, Major John G. D., A.M.; Corps of Engineers, U.S.A.; Commandant U.S. Engineer School; in charge of U.S. Engineer Depot, 1895-1901, of Torpedo Defence, E. entrance N.Y. Harbour 1898-1901; on Board of U.S. Torpedo System, 1896--1901.

KNOTT, Cargill Gilston, D.Sc.; Lecturer or Applied Mathematics, Edinburgh University; Assistant to Professor of Natural Philosophy, Edinburgh University, 1879-83; Prof. of Physics, Imperial University, Japan, 1883-91; conducted Magnetic Survey of Japan, 1887; awarded Keith Prize (Roy. Soc. Edin.) for work on magnetic strains, 1897, etc.

KNOWLING, The Rev. Richard John, D.D ; Professor of New Testament Exegesis in King’s College, London, 1894; Fellow, 1899; author of ‘Witness of the Epistles,’ ‘Acts of the Apostles,’ etc.

KOREN, John; author of ‘Economic Aspects of the Liquor Problem,’ etc.

KRAUS, Professor Dr F.X.; formerly Pro-fessor of Ecclesiastical History at University of Freiburg im Breisgau.

KROPOTRIN, Prince Peter Alexeivitch; Gold Medal of Russian Geographical Society, 1864; crossed North Manchuria from Transbaikalia to the Amur, 1864; author of ‘General Sketch of the Orography of East Siberia,’ ‘In Russian and French Prisons,’ ‘Recent Science in the Nineteenth Century,’ ‘Memoirs of a Revolutionist.’


LABBÉ, Alphonse, Docteur és Sciences ; chief of the Laboratory of Zoology, University of Paris; author of ‘La Cytologie experimentale,’ ‘Recherches zoölogiques et biologiques sur les parasites du sang des vertébres,’ etc.

LACOUPERIE, A. Terrien de, Litt.D.; formerly Professor of Indo-Chinese, University College, Lon-don; Director of the ‘Babylonian and Oriental Record.’

LAING, H.; author of ‘Descriptive Catalogue of Impressions from Ancient Scottish Seals.’

LAKE, John J.; Birmingham.

LAMB, Horace, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.; Chairman of Convocation, and of the General Board of Studies, Victoria University; Professor of Mathematics, Victoria Univ., Manchester; member of Council of the Royal Society, 1894-96; Fellow and Assistant Tutor, Trinity Coll., Camb., 1872-75 ; Professor of Mathematics, University of Adelaide, 1875-85 ; author of ‘Motion of Fluids,’ ‘Hydrodynamics,’ ‘Infinitesi-mal Calculus.’

LAMPREY, Joseph H. ; sub-editor of the ‘Journal of the Ethnological Society.’

LAND, Jan Pieter Nicolaas, Theol.D.; late Professor of Classical and Oriental Languages at the Academy of Amsterdam ; formerly Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at Leyden ; author of ‘Anecdota Syriaca,’ and of a Hebrew Grammar.

LANDRETH, Rev. P.; author of ‘Studies and Sketches in Modern Literature,’ ‘Life of Adam Thornson of Coldstream.’

LANE, R. Stuart; formerly of the Japanese Legations London.

LANE-POOLE Stanley, M.A., Litt.D.; Professor of Arabic at Trin. Coll., Dublin; employed in Coin Department of British Museum, 1874-92; employed by Egyptian Governmnent on archaeological research at Cairo, 1895-97 ; author of ‘Catalogue of the Oriental and Indian Coins in the British Museum,’ ‘ E. W. -Lane,’ ‘Saladin,’ ‘Histories of the Moors in Spain,’ ‘Turkey,’ ‘The Barbary Corsairs,’ ‘Egypt ,’ ‘The Art of the Saracens of Egypt,’ ‘Cairo,’ etc.; edited ‘'Lane’s Arabic Lexicon,’ ‘Arabian Society in the Middle Ages,’ ‘Life of General Chesney.’

LANESSAN, J. M. A. de; Agr. do la Faculté de Médecine; French Minister of Marine ; formerly Governor-General of Indo-China; author of La Tunisie,’ ‘L’expansion coloniale de la France,’ ‘L’Indo-Chine française,’ ‘Du Protoplasme végetal,’ ‘La Matiére, la Vie et les étres vivants.’

LANG, Andrew, M.A., LL.D. ; Hon. Feliow of Merton Coll., Oxford; author of ‘Oxford,’ ‘Helen of Troy,’ Custom and Myth,’ ‘Myth, Ritual and Religion,’ ‘Pickle the Spy,’ ‘The Book of Dreams and Ghosts,’ ‘The Making of Religion,’ ‘The Com-panions of Pickle,’ ‘A History of Scotland from the Roman Occupation,’ ‘Prince Charles Edward,’ ‘Magic and Religion,’ ‘The Mystery of Mary Stuart,’etc. ; part-author of translations of the ‘Odyssey’ and the ‘Iliad.’

LANG, Peter Redford Scott, M.A., B.Sc.; Regius Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of St. Andrews, from 1879; Assist.-Professor of Nat. Philosophy, Edin-burgh Univ., 1873-79.

LANG, W. H., M.B., D.Sc.; Lecturer in Botany, Queen Margaret’s Coll., Glasgow; author of ‘Memoirs on Morphology,’ ‘The Development of the Higher Cryptogams,’ etc.

LANGFORD, John Alfred, LL.D.; formerly on the editorial staff of the ‘Birmingham Daily Press,’ ‘Daily Gazette,’ Morning News’ ; author of ‘English Democracy’ ‘A Century of Birmingham Life,’ ‘Staffordshire and Warwickshire : Past and Present.’

LANKESTER, Edwin Ray, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.; Director of the Natural History Department of the British Museum; Fullerian Professor of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy in the Royal Institution of London, 1898-1900; Fellow and Lecturer, Exeter Coll., 1872; Professor of Zoology and Compar. Anat., University Coll., London, 1874-90; Regius Professor Natural History, Edinburgh, 1882; Linacre Professor of Comparative Anatomy, Oxford, 1891-98, etc. ; editor since 1869 of ‘Quarterly Journal of Micro-scopical Science’ author of ‘A Monograph of Cephalaspidian Fishes,’ ‘Comparative Longevity,’ ‘Degeneration,’ ‘The Advancement of Science,’ ‘Zoological Articles,’ etc.

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