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SCHÄFER, Edward Albert, LL.D., F.R.S. Professor of Physiology in Edinburgh Univ. from 1899; Jodrell Professor of Physiology at University Coll., London, 1883-99; General Secretary of the British Association, 1895-1900; author of ‘A Course of Practical Histology,’ the articles ‘Histology’ and ‘Embryology’ in Quain’s ‘Anatomy,’ and of papers on physiology in various scientific journals.

SCHIDROWITZ, Philip, Ph.D. Berne; F.C.S. Member of Societies of Chemical Industry and of Public Analysts, etc.

SCHILLER, F.C. S., M.A.; Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford.

SCHILLER- SZINESSY, Solomon Marcus., Ph.D. ; Teacher of Talmudic and Rabbinical Litera-ture, Univ. of Cambridge; Reader, 1875; Reader in Talmudic, 1883.

SCHLICH, William, C.I.E., Ph.D., F.R.S.; Professor of Forestry, Cooper’s Hill Coll.; Inspector -General of Forests to the Government of India, 1881; organized the first School of Forestry in England at Cooper’s Hill, 1885 ; author of ‘A Manual of Forestry.’

SCHLOSS David Frederick, M.A.; Member of the Royal Statistical Society ; Senior Investigator and Statistician in the Labour Department of the Board of Trade; author of ‘Methods of Industrial Remunera-tion,’ etc.

SCHOULER, James, LL.D.; Professor, School of Law, Boston University, and Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; author of ‘History of the United States under the Constitution’ and numerous works on jurisprudence.

SCHRADER Franz; Prix Gay de l’Académie des Sciences ; ediitor of L’Année Cartographique,’ ‘Le Tour du Monde’; author of ‘Apergu do la Structure Géologique des Pyrénées,’ etc.

SCHURER,E.,Ph.D.; formerly Professor of Theology, University of Giessen; author of ‘Studien und Kritik.’

SCHURMAN, Jacob Gould, D.Sc., LL.D.; President and sometime Professor or Philosophy, Cornell University; Chairman of the U.S. Philippine Commission, 1899 ; author of ‘Kantian Ethics,’ ‘Ethics of Evolution,’ ‘Agnosticism and Religion,’ -etc.

SCHURZ, Hon. Carl, LL.D.; Secretary of the Interior under President Hayes ; author of ‘Life of Henry Clay,’ ‘Abrahain Lincoln,’ ‘Speeches.’

SCHUSTER, Arthur, Ph.D., F.R.S.; Professor of Physics Owens Collego, Victoria Univ., Manchester; chief oi the Eclipse Expedition to Siam, 1875; author of various papers in ‘Philosophical Trans-actions,’ etc.

SCOTT, Austin, Ph.D., LL.D.; President Rutgers College and Rutgers Scientific School, New Jersey.

SCOTT, Rev. C. Anderson, M.A.; formerly Minister of St John’s Presbyterian Church, Ken-sington ; author of ‘Evangelical Doctrine,’ ‘The Making of Israel from Joseph to Joshua.’

SCOTT, Dukinfield Henry, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.; Honorary Keeper, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Gardens, Kew; Assistant Professor of Botany, Univ. Coll., London, 1882-85; Royal 0,11. of Science, London, 1885-92; a General Secretary of the British Association; co-operated with the late Professor W. C. Williamson in his ‘Researches on Fossil Plants’; author of ‘An Introduction to Structural Botany,’ ‘Studies in Fossil Botany.’

SC0TT, Edward John Long. M.A., Litt.D. Keeper of the MSS. and Egerton Librarian, British Museum, from 1898 ; author of ‘Introduction to Reprint of Eikon Basilike,’ a verse translation of the ‘Eclogues’ of Virgil, and editions of some Elizabethan writers.

SCOTT, Harold Spencer;. Barrister -at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn.

SCOTT, Sir James George, G. C. I. E. ; Deputy

Commissioner, Burma; War Correspondent in Perak 1875-76; Burnia, 1879; Hong Kong, 1883-85; member of Anglo-Siamese Boundary Commission, 1889-90; Superintendent Northern Shan States, 1891; Chargé d’Affaires in Bangkok, 1893-94; British Commissioner Mekoug Commission, 1894-96; British Commissioner Burna-China Boundary Commission, 1898-1900; author of ‘The Burman, His Life and Notion’ ‘France and Tongking,’ ‘Burnia,’ ‘The Upper Buriua Gazetteer.’

SC0TT, The H on. Sir John K.C.M.G., M A., D.C.L. ; Deputy Judge-Advocate-General to His Majesty’s Forces; Judge, afterwards Vice-President, International Court of Appeal in Egypt, 1874-82; Judge of High Court, Bombay, 1882-90; Judicial Adviser to the Khedive of Egypt, 1890-98; Vice-President International Law Association.

SCOTT, John, P.Z.S.; joint-author of ‘The British Hetrtiptera.’

SCOTT, Leslie Frederic, M.A.; Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple.

SCOTT, Walter S.; foreign sub-editor of ‘The Times.’

SCOTT, William Bell; artist and poet; executed decorative panels illustrating ‘Chevy Chasse’ and ‘The King’s Quhair’ ; author of ‘Ballads, Studies from Nature, Sonnets,’ ‘Autobiographicat Notes,’ ‘Modern Belgian Art,’ ‘Our, British lAmdacape Painters.’

SCOTT, Mrs. W. B.; London.

SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.M.G., C.S.I., LL.D.; Under-Secretary for Scot-land; Irrigation Depart. N.W. Provinces; Chief Engineer, Burma: Uuder-Secretary of State Public Works , Memshy, Cairo, 1883-92; author of ‘Irrigation in Southern Europe.’

SCRUTTON, T. E., K.C., M.A.; Barrister, Inner Temple ; author of ‘Law of Copyright,’ etc.

SCUDDER, Horace Elisha Litt.D.; ‘The Atlantic Monthly,’ 1890-98; author of ‘History of the United States.’ ‘Book of Fables,’ ‘The Life of James Russell Lowell,’ etc.

SECCOMBE, Thomas, M.A.; assistant editor, ‘Dictionary of National Biography’; author of ‘The Age of Johnson,’ etc. etc.

SEDGWICK, Adam, M.A., F.R.S.; Fellow and Tutor of Trin. Coll. Cambridge; Reader in Animal Morphology in the University.

SEELEY, Sir John Robert, K.C.M.G.,LLA; sometime Fellow and Tutor of Christ’s College, Cambridge; Professor of Latin at University Colllege, London 1863; Professor of Modern History at Cambridge 1869; author of ‘Ecce Horno,’ ‘Life and Times of Stein,’ ‘Expansion of England,’ ‘Growth of British Policy.’

SEIDLITZ, N. von; Tiflis.

SELBORNE, The Rt. Hon. Roundell Palmer, Earl of, Q.C., D.C.L., F.R.S. ; sometime Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Solicitor-General, 1861 ; Attorney-General, 1863-66; carried the Judicature Act through Parliament, 1873 ; Lord Chancellor, 1872 ; autbor of ‘A Defence of' the Church of England against Disestablishment,’ ‘Memorials, and Personal,’ etc. ; compiled ‘The Book of Praise.’

SELLAR, William Youngy M. A.; late Fellow of Oriel Coll., Oxford; Professor of Greek at St Andrews Univ., 1857-63; Professor of Humanity at. Edinburg Univ., 1863-90 ; author of ‘The Roman Poets of the Republic,’ ‘The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age,’ ‘Horace and the Elegiac Poets.’

SEMPLE, Robert Hunter, M.D., F.R,C.P.; Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, London; author of ‘A Manual of Diseases of the -Heart: their Pathology, etc,’ Diphtheria: its.Causes, etc.’

SETH, Andrew (Andrew Seth Pringle Pattison), M.A.LL.D. ; Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the the Univ. of Edinburgh from 1891; Professor of Logic,

Rhotoric, and Metaphysics at St Andrews, 1887; author of ‘The Development from Kant to Hegel,’ and other works on philosophy.

SETON-KARR, Sir Henry, M.A., M.P.; travelled and shot big game in Western America, British Columbia, and Norway; writer on sport and allied subjects.

SEWARD, Albert Charles. M.A... P-R-S-; University Lecturer in Botany, Cambridge; some-time Fellow of St John’s College: Fellow and Tutor in Natural Science, Emmanuel College, Cambridge; author of ‘Fossil Plants as Tests of Climate,’ ‘The Wealden Flora,’ ‘Fossil Plants for Students of Botany and Geology,’ ‘The Jurassic Flora.’

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