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Schools of Painting

Portrait by Rubens, known as the "Chapeau de Poil"

Portrait by Rubens, known as the "Chapeau de Poil". (National Gallery.)

"Schools of Painting" Article - Table of Contents

Part 1. "Schools of Painting" - Definition. Medieval Method of Working.

1. Italian School of Painting
Part 2. Byzantine Influence. Lucca and Pisa.
Part 3. Siena.
Part 4. Florence.
Part 5. Umbria. Padua. Arezzo.
Part 6. Venice. Brescia. Verona.

Part 7. Ferrara. Bologna. Modena and Parma. Cremona.
Part 8. Milan. Rome. Naples.

2. German School of Painting
Part 9.
German School

3. Flemish School of Painting
Part 10. The Van Eycks and their School. Later Flemish Art

4. Dutch School of Painting
Part 11. Dutch School of Painting

5. Spanish School of Painting
Part 12. Spanish School of Painting

6. French School of Painting
Part 13.
French School of Painting

7. British School of Painting
Part 14. British School of Painting

8. Painters Listed According to Schools
Part 15. List of Painters Classified by Schools

9. Art Galleries of Europe
Part 16. Picture Galleries of Europe

10. Further Reading
Part 17. Further Reading on Painting

The above article was written by: John Henry Middleton, M.A., Litt.D., D.C.L.; Slade Professor of Fine Art in the Univ. of Cambridge, 1866; later, Art Director of the South Kensington Museum; author of The Engraved Gems of Classical Times and Illuminated Manuscripts in Classical and Mediaeval Times.

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